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Arthropod Bites & Stings


Arthropod bites & stings


The article that was previously posted here was written in 1998 and is now outdated.  Interested readers should seek out the following articles, which are more current.  They are listed by the topics they cover so that you may only need to seek out one article.  PDFs are available from the author at

Updated June 2010

General spider bite review

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Recluse spider bite and misdiagnosis review

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Vetter, R. S.  2009. The distribution of the brown recluse spider in the southeastern quadrant of the United States in relation to loxoscelism diagnoses. Southern Med. J. 102:518-522.  

Recluse spider bite in veterinarian medicine review

Pace, L. B. and R. S. Vetter.  2009.  Brown recluse spider (Loxosceles reclusa) envenomation in small animals. J. Veterinary Emerg. Crit. Care 19:329-336.  

Hobo spiders

Vetter, R. S. and G. K. Isbister.  2004.  Do hobo spider bites cause dermonecrotic injuries?  Annals Emerg. Med. 44:605-607.

Yellow sac spiders

Vetter, R. S., G. K. Isbister, S. P. Bush and L. J. Boutin. 2006.  Verified bites by Cheiracanthium spiders in the United States and Australia: where is the necrosis?  Amer. J. Trop. Med. Hyg. 74:1043-1048.

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